News:The current finance for supply chain has not yet reached commercial nature

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Since established,Carson Logistice (HK)Ltd. has always insisted on the operation and management of each link. in order to realize the standardization and the pipelining of work processes, so as to get the best value of work efficiency in a specified time.

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TEL: ( 852) 21329679
         (86 755) 6163 9032  
         (86 755) 6163 9093
Address: Room2201A, Huangcheng Plaza, Huangguang Port, South Futian Roat, Fuian, Shenzhen 01A

▶ Advantage business

  • Purchasing Agent about Supply Chain
  • SCM Consulting Services
  • Import & Export Agent about Supply Chain
  • Integrate Production of Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Logistics Service
  • Financial Services about Supply Chain
  • Provide fast and free export services for export enterprises
  • Established distribution network and distribution platform
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